Wooden Signs

Materials ranging in a variety of thickness, we offer wood signs fabricated from Cedar, Redwood, or MDO (Marine Grade Plywood). These quality signs are perfect for wood signs, mailbox signs, hanging signs, or wall signs. They will last you for years and look great doing it.

To reduce water damage and the possibility of delaminating, our professional sign makers take the time to attend to the edges of all wood signs.

All of our wooden signs receive two coats of primer and two coats of paint, consisting of top of the line One Shot and Ronan paints, to further extend the life of your sign.

We can also add vinyl lettering and graphics to your sign. These are done using 9 year or 5 year vinyl depending on your needs. There is also the option of creating beautiful dimensional signs with your wood.

To enhance even further the look of your sign, additional features available include frames and molding. Still looking for something a little more? Put dimension on your sign with raised graphics and lettering made from Acrylic, PVC, or Wood.