Backlit Signs

Need a way to advertise that isn't boring and overdone? Backlit signs help to catch the eye and draw people in. The more interesting your design, the more traffic you will see at your business. Custom backlit signs are becoming more and more popular, and we have everything from light boxes to backlit posters. Oftentimes, street signs and store directories are backlit. Have storefront windows that need a pick-me-up? Add a backlit sign with a frame to your window display. Whether in the middle of the day or late at night, full-color backlit signs are a great asset to have for your business.

Anyone can print and hand out flyers, or hang a banner, but those who use backlit displays will get the most recognition and traffic. Create a design that will leave a customer wondering how you came up with something so clever and effective. Let Speedy Sign and Banner help you achieve all your business desires by customizing your own backlit sign. You can create your own design, upload it to our website, or peruse our vast library of templates on hand. Any of these templates can be personalized with your contact information, product images, logo, or business name.

Using backlit signs creates depth and dimension for your business. You'll be able to create the backlit sign that fits your needs with custom sizes and a choice between backlit poster materials and backlit film. Backlit posters slide easily into a lightbox and backlit film can be applied to the front of a lightbox or a window and a light shining behind it. Speedy Sign and Banner can help you recognize your backlit sign dreams. Backlit signage is an aesthetically pleasing way to get your business noticed.