Vinyl Wall Lettering

Our graphics and lettering are matte finished, individually cut, paper-thin, and self-adhesive. They have the appearance of being painted on once they've been applied to a wall or other surface. Because these vinyl graphics and letters are not repositionable, they have a one-time use.

While repositionable vinyl graphics are similar to our product, they stick mainly by static cling and they use a lighter adhesive, making them repositionable. While it's an added bonus to have the capability to move your graphics or letters around, you might wonder why not all vinyl is movable. Can you imagine trying to move a whole word letter by letter? Or even a paragraph? Why would you want to? A single graphic could be easily moved, but not a whole mess of letters that have been individually cut. How would you move each letter so that it would have the same spacing and layout as the original design? It would be a headache and a half.

Even though vinyl wall lettering can't be moved after it is placed, the fact that each letter has been individually cut gives it a "painted on" look. Had you hand painted letters onto your wall, you couldn't move those around either. On the plus-side, painted on letters have to be painted over, whereas vinyl letters can just be peeled off when you no longer want them on your walls. This gives you all the advantages of "painted on" words without any of the disadvantages.

About installation...
With each letter being individually cut, in order to apply your vinyl letters, you need transfer tape to help you keep things together. Each vinyl sticker will be transfer taped to make installation easy for you.